About Us

JPSOR is a brand for various Christmas decorative items and party toys such as Camouflage screens, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree stands, Christmas trees of synthetic material,  Confetti, Paper party hats, Piñatas, Ring games, Spinning tops, Swings, Toy building blocks, Toy masks, Toy watches, Toy whistles and so on. JPSOR is to sell quality Christmas items and party supplies for you to spend a fantastic holiday without spending more money. And our Christmas items are reusable so you can storage them for your next holiday season, to save time and money. 

Rainbow-B is our brand for various high quality test tubes and other related items. Rainbow-B tubes are suitable for storing items such as small objects, foods, and liquids, etc. To keep your items dry and safe. Our branded test tubes are manufactured exclusively by JPSOR and Amazon shop Vankerter is authorized to sell all Rainbow-B branded items.